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The Importance of Hydration

Thursday, 01 December 2016

Hydration Full

Our visit from Graham Strang and Sarah at Hip Pocket Workwear and their hydration presentation was very well timed given the forecast of high 30s for the next week! Graham shared his experience of an episode of chronic dehydration he suffered which landed him in hospital, and what he has learned so that it won’t happen again. He showed the team the amount of sugar in various soft-drinks and energy drinks and explained the danger of quenching your thirst with sugar. Graham shared stats on dehydration - we were surprised to learn that even moderate dehydration of 3% can be as disorientating and dangerous for a driver as a blood alcohol reading of .08%! Outdoor workers sweat an average of 1 litre of fluid per hour when working in heat so it is really important for our hard-working removalists to stay hydrated.
The team was delighted to receive complimentary waterbottles from Graham and Sarah as well as samples of Thorzt rehydration powder concentrate sachets, this product is 99.9% sugar free and ideal for flavouring water to make more tempting to drink as well as containing electrolytes and amino acids to help maintain hydration.
Our Operations Manager Bart was also the lucky winner of a Chill Towel – fabulous for cooling down when over-heated as once soaked in water and shaken the towel becomes refreshingly cool due and is microbial so can be reactivated and reused again and again.
We are all enjoying the Thorzt sachets and will be out for a mega-pack to get us through this heatwave! Thanks again to Graham and Sarah for sharing their time and knowledge.