Asset Relocation Management Systems

Taylor’s offers an innovative, state-of-the-art Asset Relocation Management System (ARMS) which is designed to streamline management of non-active stored assets. An online, visual inventory is created and items are barcoded for fast relocation on request. The cloud based system is accessible at any time to authorized users and retrieval of items can be requested and delivered by our removal specialists.

This means an end to rummaging through storage facilities for specific items, rearranging the contents to locate what’s needed and arranging vehicle and personnel to transport item. This can now all be done easily from your computer!

System includes:

  • Online Visual Inventory for assets in storage with ability to review and edit

  • Find items with ease and clarity using visual representation ready for selection or review

  • Export inventory lists and information to Excel

  • Request and track relocations online with use of barcode technology, email confirmations

  • Group stored assets by job number

  • Cost centre allocation – multi-client / branch / office

  • Filter view by asset number, description or code

  • Review of completed job documentation and invoices online

  • Nominate a reallocation or disposal date with authorisation

  • Available Nation-wide 

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