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Taylors Removal

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell boxes?

Yes, we sell an array of different sized boxes and packing materials including tape, mattress and lounge covers.

How do we pay?

  • Payment can be made via bank transfer 2 days prior to the move, or by cash and credit card on uplift.
  • Payment is either by direct deposit, cash or credit card. (Please note a bank surcharge is applicable) We strictly do not accept cheques or accounts unless organised with the office and a purchase order is sent to our offices prior to move day

What time will the truck arrive next week?

Our Operations Team will make contact 48 hours prior to your move to confirm times.

Do you have storage?

Yes, we do. Check this out:

Do you have self-Storage?

We offer specialised storage. Here is how we do it:

Why Move with Taylors?

Can I please have a quote to move locally?

We would love to give you a quote. We can provide a free estimation by one of our professional and experienced Removals Consultants. They will come by your home at day and time of your choosing. They are there to assist, so any advice you may need please don’t be afraid to ask.

Can you give me a rough price over the phone and how much do charge for 2 guys & a truck?

Just give us a call – our office number is 07 46 322 655

Do you carry out office removals?

Yes, we do. This is one of specialized services!

Do you move pianos?

Yes, we do. We move all types of pianos including uprights, pianolas and grand pianos. Our team is professionally trained, and equipped with specialized equipment to move pianos.

Do you move Pool tables?

Yes, we do. We move all types of pool tables. Our team is professionally trained, and equipped with specialized equipment to move them.

Do I need insurance?

  • In short, Yes. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Furniture, new or old, wasn’t designed to be moved around in trucks.  Furniture is insured when they are in your home and are unlikely to be damaged, so why wouldn’t you insure them when they are being moved? Insurance will give you peace of mind.
  • Through Taylors you are covered for Fire, Theft and Rollover. We can obtain a quote for accidental insurance through our insurance brokers
  • If you decline to take insurance, and damage occurs, you may be unable to make any claim for any damage sustained.

Do you take pot plants?

  • Yes, we can take them locally if room permits.Moving plants is fraught with dangers. In circumstances where you are moving goods into storage, storing plants is not practical. In some instances, moving plants interstate is forbidden, depending on State importation laws.
  • To ensure hygiene and cleanliness, we ask that they are wrapped with commercial grade shrink wrap or you can use green garbage bags for plants.

Are our effects safe in the containers when stored?

Yes, the containers are water proof and there are vents in the containers

Are there extra charges not included in the quote?

What you are quoted is what you will pay – there are no hidden extras. We will send you a confirmation clearly showing you the prices and our terms and conditions for your peace of mind.

Do we have to pay a deposit?

No, but we appreciate payment for the move 48 hours prior.

Can we go into store if we cannot go door to door?

Yes, we have storage facilities available.

Do you move outside of Toowoomba?

Yes, we not only move locally but to all areas of Australia and internationally

Do you do backloads?

We can do backloads if we have a vehicle in the area at the time of your move.

Do you move weekends?

For your convenience, we can do your removal on a Saturday.

How long does a move take?

This is very dependent on several factors, including access to each property and how densely the home is furnished.

Can I move food?

If the removal occurs on the same day and all boxes and jars are properly sealed, this is possible. No food will be acceptable for storage unless it is canned or vacuum-sealed.

What about my fridge?

This should be emptied and wiped clean throughout. If it is going into storage, wiping the interior with vanilla essence will help keep any mildew at bay.

Can I plug my fridge in straight away at the new house or do I have to wait?

It is recommended that you wait at least one hour after the fridge has been moved to turn it on, to let the internal gases, settle

How do they send my furniture? Does it stay on the same truck?

If you are moving from one house to another on the same day, your furniture will be picked up and delivered in the same vehicle. If you are moving interstate, your furniture may be re-stowed at the removalist depot and made ready for a longer journey.

What sort of documents do I need to sign?

You will be sent a quote with an acceptance form and Terms & Conditions. If you are moving interstate, or placing goods into storage, you should also have an inventory that should be signed by both parties at uplift and at delivery. The inventory should clearly state the condition of the goods upon uplift. It is unwise to proceed with any removal if you do not have a contract

Can you dismantle and reassemble my items?

We can dismantle and reassemble your items for you. The team will have the necessary tools on the truck, although it is beneficial if you could let us know prior to our arrival what is required.

When should I book my move?

The earlier the better. The more notice you give, the more likely we can accommodate with the days and times that best suit you.

Can I help the Removalist?

While moving items from your house to the truck is permitted, our insurance prohibits you from entering onto the truck

Are you able to accommodate Property Settlements?

Yes, we can accommodate for property settlements.  Sometimes it is  not easy to determine a time in relation to the actual handing over of the keys to your new premises. So chat with our team and we will work out the best scenario we can for all parties involved.

Are you able to deliver packing boxes?

Absolutely, we can certainly deliver boxes within the Toowoomba area

Can you transport very valuable items?

We are very experienced to move your antiques, original paintings and any other valuables that you may have, and we will take every care to ensure that they are not damaged in transit. However, we advise all clients with valuable possessions to take out removals insurance, just to be on the safe side. Whilst we are confident in our ability to look after your belongings, it is always a good idea to insure them. Most people have household contents insurance that covers such items, but this does not always include transportation to a new home.

How do I do my own packing?

You will need the following;

  • Strong and Clean Removals cartons
  • packing paper not Newspaper
  • Bubble wrap may be needed for fragile items
  • Tape
  • Marking pens
  • Tackle one room at a time and mark boxes by room and contents.
  • Make sure you wrap each item individually and put some cushioning at the bottom of the box i.e. screwed up newspaper, linen etc
  • Pack the heavier items at the bottom of the carton
  • Be careful NOT to overpack or overload the box. If a box is overloaded it becomes too heavy to move.
  • Label each box carefully with your name, the contents and the room it is to go into
  • Pack heavier items such as books into small boxes.

If I need storage how long can I store my household items?

We have no limit, a few days to a few decades is fine by us

I’m worried about the packing of fragile items can you help?

We can pack whatever you like from the entire house to just the kitchen and expensive items.  We use high-grade packing material including bubble wrap, packing paper and boxes to make sure your precious items i.e. glassware, china, crystal with go unscathed.

If I hire you to pack, do you do it the same day as the move?

Depending on the size of the move will depend on whether this is possible. The general rule is to have everything packed the day before. Our removalists are fully trained and can take care if the whole house needs packing or just the breakables.  This can really make your life that little bit easier

Are there any items that you can’t Transport?

The below items mustn’t be taken by our removalists. The reason being it will contravene with our transit insurance and put the removalists health and other items in the truck, as well as the truck in danger.
  • Any paint thinners
  • Oil and gas
  • Gas bottles
  • Fireworks
  • Turps
  • Weed Killers
  • Swimming Pool Treatments
  • Any Cooking Oils
  • Cleaning Solvents
  • All Aerosol Cans
  • Fuel Cans
  • All Paint
  • Methylated spirits
  • Acetone