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A Rich Christmas Tradition

Thursday, 11 February 2021

The Taylor family love their traditions and after over 100 years in business, they have some beautiful ones hidden away in their containers! Fred Taylor started a beautiful Christmas tradition some years ago, by giving each of his Taylor’s employees a Christmas ham to say thank you for another year of hard work. Melissa’s father, Ray, continued the tradition in his time and now Melissa has taken the reigns to ensure such a beautiful notion stays alive. Melissa feels so passionate about this special day! The Taylor’s team work so hard during the Christmas period and all year around, it is a well-deserved and appropriate Christmas treat, indeed!

We also believe in supporting our local Toowoomba businesses and you cannot beat Miller’s produce from Mackenzie row in East Toowoomba.

Since we so rarely get to discuss the topic of ham, now is the perfect opportunity to give our lovely readers some fun Christmas facts! The Christmas tradition of eating ham originates in the fourth century as wild boar was often used a winter celebration dish! When Pope Julius I declared December 25th as the day to celebrate the birth of Christ, ham became a fast Christmas tradition. Another fun Christmas fact to share with your family this year!

A Rich Christmas Tradition     A Rich Christmas Tradition     A Rich Christmas Tradition