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Anything, Anywhere, In No Time at All

Tuesday, 09 March 2021

The Taylor’s team have a reputation for being able to move just about anything, anywhere. Local entrepreneur and wine merchant, Kiron Barui, is a testament to this. She wanted to share with the community how grateful she is for the help that Taylor’s Removals provided her when COVID put a dent in her plans to provide some of her product to a Fairholme College event.

Every year the Fairholme college PNF put on a fundraising event and last year Wearing Memories Wine Merchants were asked to provide around 250 bottles of Royal Riviera champagne. Although there was a shipment of the champagne en route to Toowoomba and should have arrived well in time to make it to the fundraiser, COVID-19 slowed the process down significantly. The best laid schemes…

The shipment was delayed by an entire month leaving only a couple days to get them from Sydney to Toowoomba in time for the event. However, the day the bottles arrived in Sydney, the Taylor’s team and their partners, Chess, were on the job!

The moment the shipment arrived, they had their trucks at the ready in Botany Bay just in time to make a mad dash for Toowoomba.

Not only did they make it in time, on the morning of the event no less, the Taylor’s team went so far as to unload the bottles directly to Fairholme’s front door.

I know, it sounds too good to be true! We are very proud of our incredible staff here at Taylor’s and are eternally grateful for their commitment.

Kiron Barui Holding a Wine Glass
Kiron Barui Holding a Wine Glass Near Her Ear
Kiron Barui with an event attendee