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Become a LifeFlight Fuelie!

Wednesday, 05 May 2021

LifeFlight Australia is an initiative that delivers emergency, lifesaving medical care to seriously ill and injured people in Queensland and around the work. Their mission is a simple one: save lives. They are constantly striving to evolve and better their process by implementing the latest technology in order to provide the highest standard of healthcare imaginable.

They have been successfully operating this life-saving social enterprise for four decades and have saved 62,000 lives. It is no wonder that they have built a solid reputation among our community due to their tailored, personal and seamless approach to aviation and medical care.

Synergy and trust are the core of their business and it is what has allowed them to build a relationship with governments and emergency services. Furthermore, their team of highly skilled engineers, medical personnel and air crew have an absolute focus on patient welfare and client requirement which is oversighted by their innovative Safety Management Systems.

The LifeFlight Air Ambulance and RACQ LifeFlight Rescue divisions operate a fleet of three Air Ambulance jets and ten rotary-wing assets – including five state-of-the-art Leonardo AW139 aircrafts. Each of these vehicles are meticulously maintained by their staff and crew to be safe and ready to fly at a moments notice.

Taylor’s Removals and Melissa Taylor are proud supports and sponsors of the LifeFlight program; we are proud Fuelies, if you will. While amazing and lifesaving, their initiative is not a cheap one. One hour of flight costs more than $500 dollars of fuel, which is why becoming a Fuelie is so important. Without us, they can’t continue their rescue missions. Every donation is invaluable and each year up to $700,000 per base must be raised to keep these choppers up in the air and saving lives.

Have a look at their website for more information and find out how you can help LifeFlight save some lives!
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