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Embracing The Share Economy: A Unique Opportunity for Removalists

Friday, 19 November 2021

The recent insurgence of the share economy has come across as a threat to many businesses. However, some industries such as the removalist industry have an opportunity to use this new development to their advantage.

The sharing economy is an increasingly popular concept that utilises new technology and platforms which allows individuals to borrow and rent goods and services rather than purchasing them. It encourages peer-to-peer transactions to share use of idle assets and services or to facilitate collaboration. While this concept faces challenges of its own, it does threaten business revenue. A prevalent example of this in the modern world has been the popularised use of uber, cutting down the profitability of the taxi industry significantly.

Thus far, however, the removalist industry has remained relatively unscathed and unaffected by the share economy boom. This largely because of barriers regarding capital outlay to purchase trucks, storage and moving equipment and the value that is placed on quality care being taken when moving someone’s belongings. People are willing to pay for the professionalism and assurance.

Recently, a program called Muval was developed in Sydney. Their aim is to reduce wasted capacity within the industry and utilise technology to drive share-economy-style convenience to customers. Their goal is to work within the removalist industry and implement modern technologies which would allow them to increase efficiency and accessibility on the part of the customer while still ensuring quality and professionalism.

Advancements such as these will be inevitable in coming years and Taylors is determined and excited to develop in step with these coming changes.

People are willing to pay for professionalism and assurance