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Love Your Small Business Day!

Friday, 14 May 2021

2020 brought many challenges all around the world but small businesses were hit hard! As a part of Queensland Small Business Month 2021, Business Queensland celebrating local small businesses with a Love Your Small Business Day on Saturday 15 May 2021. It is a perfect opportunity to help get our economy back on track, support small businesses get back on their feet and leave COVID in the dust!

As a small business with over 100 years of family history, Taylor’s understands the need for smaller, personalised businesses and would like to do everything they can to support other local entrepreneurs in our community. Rich family roots are what set us apart from other larger businesses and we believe that is something to be celebrated! Passion makes all the difference and if we know one thing about our local businesses, it’s that passion exists in everything they do.

Small businesses can get involved by using the Queensland Small Business Month hashtags in your social media posts!

  • #QSBM2021
  • #loveyoursmallbusiness
  • #bouncebackbetter
  • #qldsmallbiz
  • Follow Business Queensland on Facebook to keep up to date with small business news in Queensland.
  • Ask your followers to use #loveyoursmallbusiness and @tag your small business when they visit or buy from you.
  • Use our social media frame to brand your business’s profile image.
  • Share our social media tile to promote Love your small business day in the lead up to 15 May 2021.
  • Display the Love your small business day poster and flyer.

There are also number of ways we can support our small businesses all year around. Opt for buying from your local businesses rather than large business chains. Visit local restaurants; splurge on takeout night with a smaller business; enjoy a morning coffee and baked good from your local barista and bakery; join a fitness studio or gym in your neighbourhood; take some time to explore and find businesses you didn’t know were there! There are so many options!

You can take pictures of your local restaurants and support them on social media as well as using good old word of mouth. Instead of buying from large conglomerates, buy your fresh produce such as egg, milk and meat from the farmgate or a grower’s market.

When buying gifts, choose to buy niche items from local sellers or even gift cards that people can use later!

Building up small businesses lets our local economy thrive and nurtures a sense of community! Make sure you are doing as much as you can for our local businesses this month and all year round to help them get back on their feet!

love your small business