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Piano Specialists

Friday, 19 March 2021

Over the years it has become clear that, for whatever reason, pianos are a Taylors Removal’s specialty. We have received letters of thanks from many of our younger and more adorable customers for bringing the instrument they love so much to their home.

Little Annie Morgan was beyond excited to have her great-grandmother’s piano delivered to her this week. She had been having private piano lessons at school and practicing where she could in anticipation! Her great grandmother, Mrs Veronica Weir was a pianist and teacher when she was younger, which must be where Annie gets her musical flare from! Mrs Weir was delighted to pass her beautiful grand piano onto her great-granddaughter.

Below we have a beautiful letter we received from 8-year-old Muteba as well, absolutely heartwarming.

Letter for Mr Webb

The elegance and beauty of a piano, both to the ear and the eye, make them very popular, However, many people make mistakes when it comes to moving these beloved instruments. In untrained hands, pianos can be irrevocably damaged, and moving them is not as simple as one might think. We urge people to hire trained professionals for pieces such as this. Trying to avoid the cost of hiring a professional mover with most likely lead to more cost and a definite headache.

At Taylor’s Removals and Storage we have special equipment designed to secure, remove and transport pianos to ensure it arrives at its new home in the same pristine condition it left. That being said, the internal mechanics of a piano are very delicate and sensitive. After moving, even when done by experienced professionals, your piano will most likely need to be tuned.

Who knew there was so much to moving this precious piece of furniture? Wait… we did!